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Self Assessment - a tool to help you determine what aspects of your practice may be a priority for improvement


Strategic Planning and Worksheet - a quick worksheet to help with building your plan.


Implementing Value Pricing - an overview of the what, why and how of value-based pricing in your practice.


Five Big Trends Shaping Small Practice - a great read from the ABA.


Strategic Planning 101 - a great site that provides the basics involved in building a plan. 


A-List Client Work Sheet - a tool to help you identify your A-List clients and stick to them, while also identifying D-List clients (fire them!)


Law Firms As A Business - a presentation to the SF/SP section of the Atlanta Bar Association re: law as a business instead of a profession.


Risk Assessment - a tool that should help you prioritize where and how to spend your time when it comes to managing risk that could destroy your legacy.


Cheat Sheet of Common Alternative Pricing Arrangements - a tool to help you determine what alternative pricing arrangement is right for you



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